My life in numbers

Here is a small rundown of the numbers of my life, just to give you an idea of what I do. Some of them are really precise, others not, I think you could easily forgive me on that...

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    Sites I've designed and built.

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    Pics I've taken.

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    Years of experience (in the web industry).

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    Screws I've placed.

My skills

With this pie chart you can dig through my skills, maybe I'm the man you're looking for. If you want to check my works you can go over the DOT agency site, and check the portfolio.

DOT agency is the small agency I run with Angelo, we do Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design.

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My Shots

My poor photographic work is based on BMX and Landscape, please enjoy all my galleries in the dedicated section.

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Get in touch

I live in a small village near Bergamo, Italy and with Angelo I run DOT agency. We're available for work in the areas around Bergamo, Brescia and Milan.

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Mobile: +39 329 159 444 7